Alicia At Albatross was our latest home renovation & interior styling complete in 2019.


The Beach-House was Styled Luxe Coastal.


About the Project:

We wanted to introduce the love of cool coastal places we had travelled to, from Morocco to Amalfi to Malibu, all the while, giving the house a hint of luxe sophistication.


Materials & Colour Pallet:

To achieve this style we used a neutral pallet with raw materials, this gives the home an understated wow factor. The colour pallet of neutrals white, black butt timber, exposed concrete, black accents of hardware and natural light really gave the home the love it deserved.


We also had to consider the effects of sea/salt corrosion on certain materials. The huge amount of sunlight from the north and inevitable fading on some materials.

We choose to introduced dark, rich colours and textures to minimise glare in certain areas of the home.


Problems Faced:

The house had only recently been renovated, problem was it was years of different renovations on top of each other, and it showed.
  The home (to us) was screaming for cohesive flowing interiors.


Must Haves for the Beach House:


1. Colour Pallet – we love neutrals, raw materials with a twist of elegance.


2. Natural Light – the home felt very dark with thick curtains and heavy materials, we needed natural light and lots of it.


3. Storage – with children, you need storage. Period. 
I found ways to integrated a mud room, additional laundry space and robe storage for each child. Water sports are also a huge factor to moving to the beach, so we needed to create a free flowing area to bring in / store our pleather of water crafts.


4. Play Room – we created a playroom, that was actually an unused gem of the second story landing. 

I’ll touch base on these renovation hints and tips in my blogs.